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  Our massage centres in Beijing offer some sort of service, from handjobs, to blowjobs to of course full sex. Please do not confuse these with those non-sexual high end spas ,when you expect something exciting ,you should have to phone to get out call service .the number is on the top..the baby will come to your room ,and you can enjoy good time with her .

  Service will begin with a massage and its best to engage in small talk to help build up the chemistry between the baby and yourself inBeijing. After the massage, she'll then pop the golden question and you can choose from a menu or HJ, BJ ,FJ or anal. Do note that not all ladies offer the full course and service will vary. Prices range from 700---1500 RMB(or 100ó250 usd) . it is reasonable price for out call service .if you go to a massage centre to look for fun ,the price is much lower , but do you think it is safe for a foreigner who canít speak Chinese go to a massage centre to get erotic service inBeijing? no situation is safer than one enjoy beautiful babies in his own room ,of course .